Painting 2017

Silhouette on Canvas 

Painting with Leanne

Single-Session Class (only available if "doing your own thing" for the weekend)

Impress your friends with this effective but simple canvas painting! In this mini-class, you will learn how to paint a gradation background in the colour of your choice on canvas using blending medium, and then overlay a silhouette design in black. A variety of designs will be available or you can draw your own! This class will be offered at two different times during the weekend: one with a brush technique background and one with a sponge technique background.

Cost of Class: $10 - everything is supplied

Suitable for beginners

I became interested in folk-art painting many years ago and have taught classes over the years to community and school groups. Painting on canvas is a more recent hobby and is a great way to jazz up your home or make a gift as it's so affordable and the possibilities are quite endless! I love experimenting with different techniques and then teaching them to others and seeing the satisfaction they get from achieving something they never thought they could do.

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