Upcycling Projects 2016

Up-cycling (also known as creative re-uses) is a craft where old, unwanted and unused items or materials are used to create new and beautiful things, giving them new life. This class will offer you a number of ’up-cycling’ project options, including some that will take the whole weekend, and some that will take less time. Choose what you want to do - or do more than one! It’s up to you! You’re also welcome to combine this class with Do Your Own Thing, if your project doesn’t take the whole weekend.

Teacher: Cassie Thomson

Suitable for Beginners

Class Cost:

· Folded Book Art ($15) – includes pattern, ribbon, embellishments, double-sided tape, paper for covering book

· Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art ($12) – includes double-sided tape, spray paint, embellishments, canvas/frame

· String Picture Art ($5) – includes pattern, spray paint, embellishments

· Woven Fabric Rug (no cost) – includes instructions, cardboard

After you sign up for this class, you will be sent a requirements list so you'll know what to bring with you. This will include tools you'll need and any supplies that are not included in the above class cost. These extra requirements are expected to cost between $0 and $10, depending on the project and what you have at home to recycle!

Cassie loves repurposing old or unwanted items and creating beautiful gifts, wall art and keepsakes for little or no cost. She enjoyed teaching Folded Book Art at Craft Retreat last year, and is looking forward to sharing some more up-cycle projects this year.

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