Embroidery 2017

Fun with Felt

Embroidery with Val Laird

Weekend-Long Class

In this class, we will transform pieces of felt, exploring texture and dimension through layering, threads and lesser-known stitches. We will work with a 10 x 12.5 cm (4 x 5 inch) project which can then be framed, made into a pincushion or needle-book, or combined with fabric and made into an Ipad cover, a bag, journal cover or whatever your imagination can dream up. You will be able to choose from more than a dozen motifs (or draw your own) and will have a wide range of felt and thread colours to use. If there is time, there will also be an opportunity to make a small Christmas tree or drawer ornament at an extra cost of $3 each.

Felt, threads, braid, needles, fiberfill, and use of all sewing accessories, die cutting machine, rotary cutter etc. will be provided.

You may wish to bring your own craft and embroidery scissors, pincushion, thimble and pencil. All requirements to make your project into a pincushion or needle-book will be supplied. If you wish to frame your project, you will need to bring a frame with a 4 x 6-inch opening. If you wish to combine with fabric, please bring all the necessary requirements for what you have in mind.

Cost: $5

Suitable for beginners

Val Laird is a well-known Australian designer whose beautiful projects regularly appear in leading Australian craft magazines. Val loves to design pretty and practical projects. Her talent and passion for stitching can be seen in her gorgeous sewing accessories, wall-hangings, bags and quilts. Val loves to share her wide experience in craft and has taught at craft retreats and workshops in South Australia and Queensland. Her designs may be viewed at val-laird.blogspot.com.

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