Friday, 14 October 2011

14 Days to Go!

Yes, it is only two weeks to craft retreat - sounds better than 14 days don't you think!  Registrations are closed and you should have your confirmation letter and requirements lists by now, so if you haven't, you'd better let me know ASAP! If you need transport, the details will be arranged next week.

Are you excited yet? Have you got all your supplies ready? I'm still deciding on what "Do Your Own Thing" craft/art I will be taking, and I will probably decide in two weeks time as I have so much to do and think about before then!  Don't forget to bring your name tag along.  If you don't have one, just a piece of cardboard with your name on will do! If you are feeling creative you might like to make something a little more interesting! 

Maybe you've been busy making things for the craft stall or have found some no longer needed craft supplies or craft magazines to sell. Or maybe you're saving your pennies so you can spend it on some lovely crafty goodies!  There is always an amazing array of things to choose from.

Well, time is ticking on, so I'd better get back to my big list of things to do! See you soon!

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