Monday, 20 April 2009

The Teachers!

In the past three weeks I have found four more teachers to teach at the Craft Retreat in October, so I can now tick that job off the list!

Leanne Midgley, who taught folk art last year will be teaching folk art again and Helen Briese will also be returning to teach card making. The other two teachers taught at our first retreat in 2007; Kris Meares from Tag Along Teddies will be teaching one or two of her furry friends and Liz Whittaker from Scrap N Patch will be teaching scrapbooking. With the addition of Val Laird teaching embroidery and applique and Robyn Ginn teaching crazy patchwork and embellishing techniques (see previous post) we have a wide variety of classes and a great group of very talented teachers. I'm very excited to have these six lovely ladies lined up to teach... I hope you are too!

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